MAC Access Control

Traditional access control systems require the installation of a dedicated computer and access control software at the user’s location.  This necessitates the customer learning a new software program in order to administrator the system.  This consist of setting schedules, creating door groups, specifying access rights per user, adding/deleting or modifying personnel in the access control database, database backups, running reports, issuing/printing cards, database maintenance and providing day-to-day management of the access control system.

An American Security Group “Managed Access Control” (MAC) System eliminates these added burdens on the business and provides our customers with a secure facility without having to develop software and access control system expertise.   American Security Group MAC program delivers a protected, efficient single door to multi-door electronic access control system without having to invest in and install a dedicated computer and software at the user’s location.  Additionally, since the system is managed by us and under your direction there is no need to have one of your staff learn a new software program.

American Security Group MAC offers a “hosted and managed” access control service.  ASG will be responsible for the complete management of the system, adding an employee or changing a holiday scheduled is as easy as making a phone call.

This service is intended for the end user who does not have the time, resources, patience or desire to manage an access control system and is interested in savings by outsourcing these labor costs.