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Enjoy the Very Best in Monitoring from American Security Group

Perhaps you’ve worked with a technician to design the ideal security system, and then had the top-of-the-line equipment installed, but without a great monitoring system, the equipment is rendered useless.

Monitoring is a vital aspect of the security industry, and American Security Group provides monitoring solutions that will give you the comfort and peace of mind to know that your home, family, assets and business are always protected.

There are a number of monitoring companies offering their services, but American Security Group is a step above the competition.

Not only are we highly experienced in the security industry, but we are also locally owned and operated, and provide monitoring services for the Southern California region, specifically. Many other monitoring companies have giant call centers, located in distant locations, but at American Security Group, we cater specifically to the need of local residents. We provide prompt service and attention, highly trained technicians, and the utmost customer service. With American Security Group, you’re not just a random name in a sea of thousands—we offer personalized service every step of the way, and that includes our monitoring services.

At American Security Group, we provide 24/7 monitoring services for all of our equipment and systems. Our monitoring services are also UL Listed, and we guarantee a prompt and professional response to any type of alarm.

Flexible Contract Options

Many alarm monitoring companies require that customers sign lengthy two or four year contracts, that are often full of hidden fees and commitments, but with American Security Group, you’ll never be surprised by the small print in a contract. We are a small business, and we strive for customer satisfaction, so all of our monitoring contracts are presented in an honest, upfront manner.

Unlike other monitoring companies, we offer flexible and versatile month-to-month payment options, and no contract is required.

Rather than signing a confusing contract full of hidden costs, why not enjoy the local, professional monitoring services of American Security Group, and the ease of paying on a month-to-month basis.

Our goal is customer satisfaction, and with all monitoring services, as with our services and equipment, we strive for excellence. We provide unbeatable, personalized customer service, great prices and no hidden fees.

Since we are a locally owned and operated Southern California business, we provide specialized service and attention that can’t be found with other monitoring companies.