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Structured Cabling

Over the last several years more and more security equipment has become like much of the world a networked enterprise.  Early on we realized that most structured cabling systems we were asked to connected too were poorly designed and installed.  Putting just a little more bend in the cable then designed can created drastic problem throughout a network.  As a result of our experienced dealing with cabling installation that fall flat on how much data the system could handle American Security Group decided that it would install its own structure cable rather than relying on work done by others.  Your company can now benefit from our experience and dedication to doing the job right.

Cabling is a critical part of any telecommunications and network infrastructure and proper cabling is a prerequisite for a healthy network environment.  It is the physical backbone on which every device is dependent.

Poor cabling can result in slow Internet speeds, spotty connectivity, and packet loss. American Security Group  will design and install a structured cabling system and make sure that your space is cabled correctly the first time, avoiding the need for costly re-cabling work. In addition, we check line speeds and certify every cable so that you know your communication systems are installed right.

American Security Group is a LICENSED ELECTICAL CONTRACTOR serving all of Southern California.  California in particular is extremely stringent with enforcement of permit application and proper license verification.  Your company can rest assured that American Security Group meets all low voltage certifications.

Cabling services include:

Voice and Data installation

Category 3, Category 5e and Category 6.

PVC, Plenum and Shielded

25 through 300 pair cable installation and terminations

Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF)  design and installation

Conduit Installation

Network moves, adds and changes

Computer room & data center design and integration

Raceway & Cable Management Systems

Backbone &  Campus cabling

Cable Testing, Certification & Documentation

Fiber Optic Installation